Thank you for showing interest in volunteering your time and efforts for BEST Robotics!

When you become a BEST volunteer, you join forces with over 3,500 people across the country representing all ages and every walk of life.  BEST volunteers are invested because they want students to have access to STEM learning and hope that learning will lead to the pursuit of a STEM career or one of the many roles in supporting the STEM industry.

There are a number of volunteer roles to fill throughout the year.  If you have industry expertise you may find it most rewarding to act as a mentor to a team.  Other roles include event planning, fundraising, judging and game day assistance.  We encourage you to reach out to your local Hub directly to discuss a role that’s right for you.  Check out our Hub locations page for a BEST Robotics program near you. Link to Hub Locations page

If there’s not a Hub near you, register here to volunteer Form hosted on auburn and embedded, do we need a source code?