Our game themes reflect real-world conditions and require problem-solving through design thinking with engineering, science, math and technology.   Students share a spectacular show of creativity as they interpret each year’s theme into their robots, presentations and team spirit.

Year Game Title Educational Theme
1993 PVC Insanity n/a
1994 Bumble Rumble n/a
1995 TOTALly AweSum n/a
1996 Block N’ Load n/a
1997 Dynamite Duel Explosives Recovery/Disposal
1998 Toxic Troubles Toxic Waste Disposal
1999 Rocket Race: The Alien Escape Space Transport
2000 Pandemonium in the Smithsonian Fire Rescue & Recovery
2001 RAD to the CORE Nuclear Reactors
2002 Warp X 10th Anniversary
2003 Transfusion Confusion Medical Nano-robotics
2004 BEST Fever DNA
2005 Mission to Hubble Hubble Telescope Repair
2006 Laundry Quandary Household Robots
2007 2021 – A Robot Odyssey Mars Colonization
2008 Just Plane Crazy Airplane Manufacturing
2009 High Octane Chemical Engineering
2010 Total Recall Six Sigma Production Quality
2011 BUGS! Genetic Engineering
2012 WARP XX Space Elevator
2013 Gatekeeper Logic Design/Semiconductors
2014 Bladerunner Wind Turbines: Logistics & Construction
2016 Bet the Farm Farming & Agriculture
2017  CrossFire  Fire & Safety