Each year, our game theme changes and so does the challenge!  Themes reflect a variety of industries where robotics are critical and scoring challenges are created  to simulate real-world scenarios. At the local kick-off in September, teams are introduced to the theme, game field, and robotics challenge. From there, students apply a scoring strategy through their robots’ design and actions. They’re supported through that process via online trainings and direct interaction with mentors and teachers during the six weeks of the program.

Weeks of hard work come to fruition when students compete in their local Hub events each October. BEST Hub volunteers organize the competition, construct the game field and manage the scoring and officiating.  Each match is three minutes long and features four teams on a 24’ x 24’ playing field.

The top teams move on to face-off in the Championship Level, Regional Competitions which are completed in December. At both levels, teams vie for the coveted BEST Award which requires schools to take an inclusive approach promoting school-wide student participation.

The BEST Award is presented to the top teams that best embody the concept of “Boosting” Engineering, Engineering, Science, and Technology. The award categories include Marketing Presentation, Exhibit Booth, Project Engineering Notebook, Spirit and Sportsmanship, and BEST Overall Winner.